When you have a baby there will be a time you will have to deal with diaper rash, most babies will experience it sooner than later. In some cases, it might appear gentle and not even realize it is there and in some cases, it will be very serious. In any case, it very essential and important to be able to recognize the condition and also to know what to do when your baby has diaper rashes.Diaper Rash on Buttocks

Diaper rash can be extremely unpleasant but it is a usually avoidable condition that many babies experience. This is a form of dermatitis on the buttocks, genitals or thighs. The main causes of this kind of dermatitis are the persistent contact with moisture. This moisture causes the natural skin oils to be stripped from the outer layer of the skin, making it vulnerable to infection by bacteria or sometimes a yeast infection. Most time diaper rash can be completely be avoided with proper care of the baby buttocks and also when you pay proper focus to changes in the baby’s environment and diet. The more a baby stays in a wet diaper, the more the chances increased in having a diaper rash. Having stool and urine combined together in the diaper can promote bacteria and create ammonia, and this is particularly not good on the skin of a baby. Keep the baby’s skin very clean and dry definitely, means a healthier diaper environment

Diaper Rash in Babies:

Some babies are more susceptible to diaper rash than others. Having a flat red skin rash is can probably be caused by friction of the diaper on the tender skin of the baby. A skin rash like this is usually closer to the edges of the waist or leg ligaments of the diaper. This kind of skin rash usually does not cause much discomfort. Also, diaper rash can also be caused by detergents. These rashes should be easy to treat if proper attention is given to it.
Diaper rashes can also occur on a baby buttock because of some things inside the baby’s system. Not to forget allergies to chemicals in the diaper when you use disposable ones. Most diapers are made with a little different composition and can be causing a rash on your baby.
Most times when you use cloth diapers, the rash is caused by chemical reactions to detergents. If you notice that this may be the case, you can make a switch to washing your baby’s diapers and clothes in a mild laundry soap. Also when changing the food for your child and most especially when moving to solids can also cause a problem. Because there are some food sensitivities and also there simply some foods that are acidic in nature and can make your baby urine or a bowel movement burn your baby skin.

Diaper Rash can cause severe Problems:

If proper care is not taken diaper rash can lead to sores which can accumulate in the folds through wetness and also soil accumulating there. Taking a good care about these areas is very important part of baby care. If not taken care properly it can lead to a more serious sore which later can result in bleeding, also it could to an infection. And this is a very bad thing if it happens to your sweet baby! If I you notice redness in these areas, make sure that extra care is taken to get them dry, because this can be enough for the skin to heal fast, but with more sensitive baby petroleum jelly or an over the counter Natural butt paste or ointment should do.

Other Rashes that may appear like Diaper Rash:

Seborrheic dermatitis is like a cradle cap in the diaper area. It is usually scaly and greasy and can be more pronounced in the folds of the skin. Yeast is another very common contagious cause of diaper rash. Mostly the affected areas are very bumpy and also very red with distinct borders and lesions in more severe cases. Dermatitis-like this can occur after an illness is treated with antibiotics that kill the good bacteria that helps fight occurring yeast naturally and put them in check. Stubborn diarrhea that is caused by yeast infections requires medical attention because the condition might not go away with just standard treatments.

When is it necessary to see a Doctor for Diaper Rash:

Babies with a diaper skin rash that is blistered or bleeding should immediately see a doctor. He can prescribeSevere Baby Diaper Rash antibiotics for painful itching if itching is caused by the bacteria. Which can be administered topically or systemically, it depends on the size of the affected area and also how serious the infection is.
There are some anti-fungal creams such as Lotrimin, which can be used to treat yeast-induced diaper rashes. If a stronger approach is required, mild steroid creams like hydrocortisone 0.5-1% can also be used as in the case of seborrhea dermatitis.

Tips to Avoid Diaper Rash:

Proper hygiene is the first line of defense to prevent simple cases of diaper rash. Having wet or dirty diapers should be changed as soon as possible. And it is also advisable to let your babies have some time without their diapers every day just to let the breeze blow their buttock. Babies with more serious diaper rashes are actually better with reusable cloth diapers rather than using the common, plastic disposable diapers we have now. Reason being that cotton bubbles breathe better than plastic. You may need to do some more experiments with different diapers so as to be able to find out what works best for your baby.

Also, there are other cases you need to be cautioned about especially in cases of severe diaper rash, are baby wipes. There are some wipes that contain alcohol and some other additives which cause irritation. Giving your baby a quick bath with a small amount of mild soap can be the best way to clean a baby with a bad diaper rash.

Frequent diaper changes have been proven to be the most basic rule of thumb to keep the skin dry, also keep it healthy, and most importantly diaper rash free. In order to know what is best when it comes to your babies, diapers and cleansers go a long way in other to avoid diaper rash.