Baby Diaper Rash:

A happy, smiling and giggling baby always brings a smile on parents’ faces. No matter how tired you are just one smileDiaper Rash on that little angel’s face is enough to wipe out all your worries and the day-long tiredness. But when the same baby is in pain, and when the same baby is crying, your worries doubles and your concern triples, especially, when you are new parents and this is your first time.

First things first, you have to understand that a baby’s skin is very sensitive. It has yet to experience the harshness of the weather, the impurities in the air (pollution), it has yet to face all the germs surrounding him. It takes time to prepare for these things and although given the same circumstances an adult’s skin will remain perfectly fine but a baby’s skin will react and cause rashes of different kinds.

Some of the baby rashes are naturally occurring like being exposed to certain hormones in the mother’s womb, and most of the baby rashes go away on their own. Among the few main baby discomforting things is the Baby Diaper Rash. A diaper rash can cause extreme discomfort in babies and believe me, it causes burns and itching in the affected skin and a diaper rash, well it just won’t go away on its own.

How to Identify Baby Diaper Rash?

If your baby’s skin around his privates becomes reddish, bumpy or in some cases, blisters appear on the skin it is a sign of Diaper Rash. It may feel or seem like pimples or acne or in some severe cases like boils but 90% of the times its none of those things but just a rash caused by the constant use of diapers or nappies.Question Mark Diaper Rash

I have identified, its Diaper Rash, What Next?

Once you have identified that it is a diaper or nappy rash, the treatment is then fairly easy depending on the severity of the rash. It can be as easy as taking off the diaper for some time or as hard as taking the baby to a doctor and him prescribing some kind of antibiotics. So, what should you do? You have to be vigilant, keep an eye out for this nasty culprit and the moment you see early signs of a diaper rash, prepare yourself for its treatment and at that time it is very EASY.

Diaper Rash Treatment:

Diaper Rash treatment can  be as easy as A, B, C, D, E. As discussed in this research article:

A = Air out the skin by allowing the child to go diaper-free

B = Barrier — use a paste or ointment to protect the skin

C = Clean — keep the skin clean

D = Disposable diapers — during an episode of diaper rash, consider using disposable rather than cloth diapers

E = Educate — educate yourself about how to prevent a recurrence of diaper rash


Keep on Reading to know more about the causes of baby diaper rash, types of baby diaper rash, severe baby diaper rash, and Treatments for Diaper Rash.

You can ask us questions, send us pictures to help identify the diaper rash and its severity. We will do our best to help you calm down the little prince or princess. If you are in a Hurry we Recommend these Diaper Rash Creams.