Types of Diaper Rash:Types of Diaper Rash

Diaper rashes most times occur frequently in the first two years of any baby’s life. Babies tend to develop several different types of diaper changes, and each comes with different causes and treatments for it. Also, research has made us known that skin rashes can be more severe when babies begin to eat solid food.

The delicate and soft nature of the baby skin attracts a series of skin rashes or skin infections and the most common of the rash is diaper rash, which is caused by continuous wetting and drying of the skin along with constant exposure to a variety of feces and other irritating substances. With a variety of irritants that the baby is exposed to, it makes the naturally dry barrier of a baby’s skin to become red, warm, rough and this can lead to different infections. Urine and feces are some of the common irritants and the ammonia formed from the breakdown of urea very sensitive to your baby skin. Although ammonia itself does not cause any damage, not until when it comes into contact with an irritated skin it can further damage your baby skin. Diaper rash is divided into various types of skin diseases which occur in the diaper area. Skin rashes are very irritating and also cause discomfort to babies, this always creates great concern for many parents. Listed below are types of rash that you need to know.

Friction diaper rash

One of the most common types of skin rash that is experienced in almost every baby is called the contact rash which is also known as the friction rash. This type of rash occurs as a result of diaper rubbing on the baby’s  buttocks and also the genital area. Contact Skin rashes are red and almost flat, and also they may appear swollen. This type of skin rash can be treated by applying diaper rash creams and not allowing the baby to be diaper free for a while. Also when you rinse the baby buttocks with warm water can also be an effective cleansing method rather than using chemically laden wipes that cause irritation to your baby skin.

Yeast Skin Rash

These are extremely red rashes which can be very painful. Babies who just finished or still on antibiotics are at higher risk of having yeast skin rash. This rash can cover the whole genital area, including the folds of the labia. This type of rash doesn’t react to over-the-counter diaper creams, so they normally stay longer o the baby than the contact rashes. Your baby diaper rashes might not improve until an antifungal cream is applied to treat it.


Irritating Skin Rash

This type of baby rash doesn’t  appear in folds nor does it creases on the baby butt. This type of rash can be caused by different ways like laundry detergents, soaps, and baby wipes. A baby with irritant rash will have his /her butt covered with a rash. To be able to get rid of this type of rashes, you need identify it is an irritant rash then eliminating the offending irritant.


Allergy Ring Rash

To some sensitive babies, there are certain types of foods that can cause diaper rashes on them. As a result of eating certain food Red rings may appear around the baby’s butt, especially food with a high acidic level such as citrus fruit or tomato based dishes. As a parent, once you suspect a food allergic rash on your baby make sure you work to determine the cause and also stop your baby from such diet. Through breastfeeding, allergies can also be transmitted to a baby so if you noticed food allergy on your baby, you might as well change your diet.

Types of Diaper Rash Severe Diaper Rash

Perianal Dermatitis

This skin rash is characterized by a light to dark redness around the butt. The cause of perianal dermatitis is more alkaline nature of stools. Babies that are bottled fed tend to have this type of rash and babies that are newly introduced to solid food. Babies that are breastfed have a low risk of having this type of rash. Click Here to Explore Creams


Impetigo Diaper Rash

This type of rash appears as a yellowish-brown, crusty patch or a pus-filled pimple or blister that is usually followed by a variety of circulating redness. Impetigo appears on your baby buttocks, anus, abdomen, umbilical cord and also thighs and if not treated early it spread to other parts of the body. The main cause of impetigo rash is by bacteria called streptococci or staphylococci.

Tidemark Dermatitis Diaper Rash

Tidemark dermatitis is a type of diaper rash that involves irritation that occurs from the edges or bindings of a diaper rubbing against your baby’s skin.

Scabies Rash

Scabies though is a type of rash that is not caused by diaper but does affect the diaper areas. It is characterized by the intense itchy skin condition. Scabies symptoms begin and suddenly to a wide area which includes areas on the abdomen, hands, and feet, armpits and also buttocks. These are the best Scabies Rash creams, click here.


With these, I believe you are now familiar with the types of diaper rash that we have. You should be able to identify the type of skin rash your baby is having and also the preventive measure that needs to be taken. Once you observed your baby’s diaper is very severe it is advisable to see a baby doctor immediately.